was developed by our winemakers and technologists, bottled at the factory of Henkell & Co. Group. This corporation is one of the leading players in the European market and owns enterprises for the production of sparkling, still wines and strong alcoholic beverages in such countries as Germany, France, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Spain and Italy. It is interesting that this is the only non-resident company in the world that has production in the Champagne province. The first in Ukraine to receive ISO 9001: 2008; International Featured Standard Food; ISO 22000: 2005

The TM Tiziano Tyche line includes exclusive author's wines created by our young progressive winemaker together with our leading marketers and sales specialists.

The assortment includes completely new and progressive items, the taste and aroma of which will make the whole world go crazy. These are natural drinks produced without alcohol and other artificial additives.