NAWEN GROUP – your reliable partner in the world of top-quality Ukrainian food products!

We take pride in being a leading distributor of authentic Ukrainian goods, offering you nothing but the best.

Founded a year ago, our company was inspired by a passion for high-quality food products. It all began with twenty boxes of sunflower oil delivered to our first client. Today, we deliver hundreds of pallets and numerous containers monthly to a wide range of clients in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and abroad. From a small business to a thriving endeavor, we now operate with an excellent team. Together, we seek the finest food products, leveraging our network to understand the market like no one else and delivering products at the best price.

We hold respect for Ukraine's rich culture and culinary preferences, aiming to bring this taste and quality to you. Our careful selection of products ensures they reflect the highest standards and highlight the uniqueness of Ukrainian traditions. Each package preserves authenticity and freshness, allowing you to savor the true taste of Ukraine in every one of our offerings.

Trust us, and let's explore the best that Ukrainian culture has to offer together!