We debunk myths!

You can drink a glass a day, stretching the pleasure, and the wine will still not spoil for a long time.

A 10-liter bag in box contains 13 ordinary bottles of wine: this is enough for a large company, which is very convenient at a holiday, picnic or party.

Bag in box packages take up less space in the car and, of course, the package weighs less than the same number of bottles (this will be very useful if you have to carry it in your hands).

Pre-cooled wine in a bag in box will not heat up as quickly as its counterpart in a glass bottle when going outside, and the opaque packaging will not allow the sun to spoil the contents.

After use, the packaging is easier to dispose of than glass. Modern bag in box are made from ecological materials and do not harm the environment. And most importantly, you won't need a corkscrew.

Wine in bags will cost you less than the same volume in bottles. Price matters. The quality of the wine remains the same, and the advantages are much greater.

And another strong argument that will help you make a choice in favor of wine in a bag in box is that European winemakers have long been pouring wine in bags in boxes of the same quality as in bottles.