Fruigio is a company that produces wine drinks that are bottled in Bag in Box format in Spain. The company is the result of a collaboration between two friends, Vitaly and Mikel, who share a passion for wine and a desire to create something new and innovative.

Vitaliy had been working with wine for many years before he started focusing on Bag in Box wine 10 years ago. His company quickly became a leader in this field in Ukraine. Vitaliy has a preference for light wines and loves the fruity and berry notes that they offer.

Mikel’s family has been in the wine-making business for over 100 years, and they have established a successful reputation in Spain and beyond. Together, Vitaliy and Mikel decided to create a new product that would be unique to Europe. They combined their expertise in wine-making and came up with Fruigio, a line of fruit-based drinks with delicious fruity and berry flavors.

Fruigio’s drinks are made using high-quality ingredients, and the company is committed to producing natural, healthy beverages. They use a careful process to ensure that the fruits’ flavors are preserved in every bottle. Fruigio’s drinks are perfect for those who want a refreshing beverage that is both delicious and healthy.