Chumak, founded in 1996 in southern Ukraine, has been a pioneer in the food industry. Since 2019, Chumak has been under the ownership of Delta Wilmar, the Ukrainian affiliate of Wilmar International Ltd Singapore, a leading agribusiness group in Asia. With a rich 23-year history, Chumak consistently delivers high-quality products to meet consumers' needs worldwide.

Today, Chumak operates in more than 30 countries, exporting to Canada, the USA, the Baltic States, Hungary, Denmark, Poland, Georgia, Israel, Mauritius, South Korea, and various other markets. Chumak has become a legendary brand known for establishing enduring partnerships with its consumers.

At NAWEN GROUP, we take pride in being the exclusive distributor of Chumak products. Your satisfaction with Chumak's offerings is our ultimate source of pride and reward!