BAYADERA is a Ukrainian vodka that has been produced for over 100 years. The company was founded in 1905 and has since won numerous awards at international competitions.

BAYADERA Vodka Range

BAYADERA offers a wide range of vodka, including:

  • Classic vodka is a vodka with a neutral flavor and aroma that is suitable for drinking neat, making cocktails, and appetizers.
  • Flavored vodka is a vodka with the addition of various flavors, such as mint, cranberry, lemon, and others.
  • Wheat vodka is a vodka made from wheat, which gives it a light and fresh taste.

Quality of BAYADERA Vodka

The water used to produce BAYADERA vodka is taken from artesian wells located in environmentally friendly areas of Ukraine. The grains used to produce vodka are carefully selected and undergo rigorous quality control. BAYADERA vodka is produced using modern technologies and meets all safety requirements.

BAYADERA: Vodka for true connoisseurs