Mr. Juice brand juices represent a premium product line that stands out uniquely among the assortment of juice manufacturers in Ukraine. This line of juices is aimed at health-conscious consumers who pay attention to their diet and well-being. Natural berry juices with added pulp, such as blueberry, cranberry, cranberry, and black currant, have complemented the beloved Mr. Juice juice range.

Stringent quality control of raw materials sourced from Ukrainian forests, coupled with production technology that preserves the natural goodness of fresh berries, enables us to deliver to consumers a taste enriched with vitamins and microelements.

Balanced nutrition and the consumption of Mr. Juice juices will not only enrich your life with a vibrant flavor but also provide a full spectrum of vitamins and microelements vital for the active daily functioning of your body.

Mr. Juice natural juices are free from sugar, flavorings, colorants, GMOs, and preservatives.